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Audio Sound We have been in the Audio/Video business for over 22 years serving hundreds of satisfied customers. A professional and friendly attitude is an honest description of our team. Call us today to learn more about us and our services.

After about 30 hours of work this “tiny” mansion is pre-wired with structured AV cable 👍

After about 30 hours of work this “tiny” mansion is pre-wired with structured AV cable 👍

Our latest Samsung Frame TV installation in Arlington

Our latest Samsung Frame TV installation in Arlington


Dear customers,
We will be closed between June 16th - July 9th . No service calls or installations can be scheduled during this period. Limited e-mail support is available.

Audio Sound Team


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers!


PS AUDIO "Spring Cleaning"

This is the time to upgrade your old gear. Here is our current PS Audio promotion:
Now, through the end of May, trade up any piece of high-end gear and take a clean 30% off any PS Audio product you want to buy in exchange.

What products are eligible for the trade?
Any high-end audio related product will qualify, we'll leave it up to you to be fair. Cables, power products of all kinds, DACS, preamps, receivers, tonearms, cartridges, integrateds - whatever you have in your closet you no longer need works for this program.

What PS Audio products can you trade up to?

Choose any PS product and apply the discount for a great deal. You can apply the trade up discount only on a one-to-one basis. This means if you want two PS products at the lower price, you'll need to trade in two products to get it. However we're making it easy - just fill your cart up with whatever you want, get the 30% off and we'll cleanup the details later.

But hurry....

This trade-up offer ends on June 1, 2013 and there's only a few days left to take advantage of it. Call us, or just get moving and see what's in your closet. Spring is here


Our hearts are with the tornado victims in Oklahoma. You can help the tornado victims in Oklahoma by texting REDCROSS to 90999. You’ll be out $10. So do it twice. Or three times.


Save energy with Lutron Radio RA2 lighting solutions that we can install in your house or business. Control your lights, thermostats, shades from your phone, tablet from anywhere in the world. Call us for details.


Tomorrow we will resume normal business operations and back to work full speed! ;)


Dear Customers. We will be closed between March 15th - April 14th . We will resume normal business activities on Monday, April 15th. Our limited phone and e-mail support will remain open during this time period. Thank you for your understanding!


You know you’re an Audiophile when ....

-You change the power cord on your microwave and swear the food tastes better.
-You have your children cryogenically treated and discover they are much quieter.
-You install a DAC into your Ford F150 to smooth out the ride.
-You rewire your doorbell with Cardas cable and invite the neighborhood kids play
-The bank calls once a year to renew the mortgage on your preamp.
-You discover your kids are illegally downloading MP3’s… so you give them a stern lecture about sound quality and compressed files.
-You ask the clerk at Home Depot if they have any 1952 Sylvania NOS light bulbs.
-You get tossed out of a live concert for running on stage and toeing-in the musicians.

JVC & Screen Innovations 4K Projection

JVC eShift 4K (4 times 1080p resolution) projector with Screen innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge Screen...this is the way to go!

3D Home Theater D-ILA 4K Precision Projector 4K Precision shatters the high definition barrier, taking two-million pixel 1080p HD images and up converting th...

Black Diamond Zero Edge Screen Materials & 3D

The Best Projector Screen on the market at the moment...

Black Diamond Zero Edge is the first affordable large flat-panel alternative, in custom diagonal sizes up to 142". The Zero Edge ultra-thin rigid panel sets ...

The Black Diamond Projection Screen 2.7 G3 is here!
Black Diamond Projection Screen 2.7 G3

The Black Diamond Projection Screen 2.7 G3 is here!

black-diamond-ii-hd-14-blackThe new SI Black Diamond G3 takes projection to the next level by eliminating the need for a dark dedicated environment. Now view...

Newwebsite just launched in "test" mode. We will continue to add newproducts every day. Look out for the upcomming speci...

website just launched in "test" mode. We will continue to add new
products every day. Look out for the upcomming specials! Purchasing is not yet enabled....

Your best source to buy & shop for Projector Screens, TVs, Projectors, Accessories, Speakers, DVD Players, Amplifiers, AV Receivers, Power Conditioners, DACs, Furniture, Cables, Headphones, Installation Supplies, and more from


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season to all of our customers!

PS Audio Power Plant Premier

PS Audio Power Plant Premier

The Premier is a power regenerator. It makes new AC from what comes out of the wall with a startling performance improvement to connected equipment

PS Audio PerfectWave DAC

PS Audio PerfectWave DAC

PS Audio's PerfectWave D to A processor is both a high-end DAC as well as a high-end music server and preamplifier. Capable of playing nearly every format of lossless and lossy music from an external ...

PS Audio PerfectWave Transport

PS Audio PerfectWave Transport

PS Audio's PerfectWave memory Transport is a revolutionary new CD and DVD transport. The PWT can play any CD and just about any music file on a DVD, including reference Recording HRx files, Chesky HD tracks and so forth. Paul McGowan describes all you want to know about this evolutionary product.


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